Kidron-Sports-Center-Charm-OhioKidron Sports Center (Charm)
In 1995 after purchasing Amustutz Sporting Goods, Wayne Miller and his family started out in a small 500 sq ft building. We have now grown to two full sized stores with over 10,000 sq feet in merchandise. With locations in Kidron and Charm, Ohio we can provide your needs [Read more…]
Guggisberg-Cheese-SlicedGuggisberg Cheese, Inc. (Charm)
Alfred Guggisberg, the founder of Guggisberg Cheese, took an interest in cheese making at a very young age. He was only 16 when he began to study the art of cheese making in the high pastures of the Alps in his home land of Switzerland. He went on to attend the [Read more…]
Miller's-Dry-Goods-Charm-OhioMiller’s Dry Goods (Charm)
Located in the heart of Ohio’s Amish Country, you’ll find a great mix of traditional calicos and the latest fun fashion prints as well. We are family owned and operated since 1965, when on the first day of business there was only one customer and she bought a spool of [Read more…]
Charm-Boot-and-Harness-Charm-OhioCharm Harness and Boot, LTD
Phone: (330) 893-0402
Charm Harness and Boot in Charm, Ohio was established in 1982 by Roy Miller. Today the family business includes sons Allen, Leroy, and David. Our inventory of about 20,000 pairs of work boots, hiking shoes, sandals, and western-style boots, gives our customers an [Read more…]
The-Pottery-Niche The Pottery Niche, LLC (Charm)
Phone: (330) 893-2694 E-mail:
The Potter Niche specializes in beautiful Polish stoneware which originated as folk art in the early 1800s. It was crafted in the German province of Silesia, now part of Poland. Inspired by the peacock feathers, farmers created a statement of strength and beauty in each [Read more…]