Kauffmans Country BakeryKauffman’s Country Bakery (Bunker Hill/Berlin)
Website: www.kauffmanscountrybakery.com
Whether you live in the area or are visiting Amish Country, you don’t want to miss Kauffman’s Country Bakery! At the Kauffman Country Bakery, brothers Steve and Richard Kauffman have offered delicious baked goods since 1992. Their bakery sells a wide variety of [Read more…]
Hershbergers-Farm-BakeryHershberger Farm & Bakery (Berlin)
Phone: (330) 674-6096
Hershberger Farm & Bakery has a number of regular customers who keep coming back for fry pies and the other homemade baked goods that are a hallmark of the area. This farm stand is located two and a half miles southwest of Berlin on SR 557. The Hershberger family [Read more…]
Berlin-Natural-Bakery-Bread-Berlin-OhioBerlin Natural Bakery (Berlin)
Website: www.berlinnaturalbakery.com
The Berlin Natural Bakery is located in the heart of the world’s largest Amish community…Berlin, Ohio. Having been born and raised here, we know the difference between naturally grown farm fresh foods, versus what we could buy in the grocery store, based solely on taste. [Read more…]
Dutch-Valley-Restaurant-Sugarcreek-OhioDutch Valley Bakery (Sugarcreek)
Website: www.dhgroup.com
Overlooking the growing fields and green pastures of productive farms, Dutch Valley Restaurant not only resembles a sprawling country farmhouse, it serves exactly the kind of simple, satisfying cooking you’d expect to find in its kitchen—wholesome, flavorful food [Read more…]
The-Amish-Door-Bakery-Wilmot-OhioAmish Door Bakery (Wilmot)
Website: www.amishdoor.com
The Bakery at Amish Door, connected to the back of the Amish Door Restaurant, serves up a wide variety of treats every day. For the sweet tooth, try one of these favorites: Pies, breads, cookies, doughnuts and apple fritters, whoopie pies, fry pies, cookies, [Read more…]
Der-Dutchman-Restaurant-Walnutcreek-OhioDer Dutchman Bakery (Walnut Creek)
Website: www.dhgroup.com
Walnut Creek is one of the most picturesque places in the Midwest, and we’re blessed to be in the perfect spot to see it in all its glory. The wall of windows that curves around our spacious dining room provides a breathtaking, five-mile panoramic view of Goose Bottom [Read more…]