Amish Girls Volleyball at Baltic Homecoming

Amish-Girls-VolleyballSeveral weeks ago Wanda and I headed down to Baltic, Ohio to eat at Miller’s Dutch Kitchen. It had been a while since we made the short trip south of Berlin to eat there. On the way there, we saw lots of horse and buggies and Amish young people riding bikes, on their way towards Baltic. Unbeknownst to us, it was the first night of the Baltic, Ohio Homecoming. After a delicious meal at Miller’s we headed on over to the park area and spent a bit of time there and had some home-made ice cream. The main event was the Amish girls volleyball tournament. [Read more...]

Doughty Run School Benefit Auction

Doughty-Run-School-AuctionYesterday I had the opportunity to attend the Doughty Run School Auction for the first time. The auction is held annually on the second Saturday of July at Wise’s School which is located on SR 557 between Berlin and Charm, Ohio. The auction is designed to raise funds for four different Amish schools in the Doughty Creek and Becks Mills, Ohio area. [Read more...]

Holmes County Garden Tour by Every Womans House

Holmes County Garden Tour by Every Woman's House

Holmes County Garden Tour by Every Woman’s House

Earlier this week I saw a post on Facebook by Beth Beechy, of Winesburg, regarding this year’s Holmes County Garden Tour. Beth is one of the founder of Circle of Friends and has a blog on the organization’s web site at Beth Beechy – Confessions of a Peace Lover. So early this morning, before the tour began, I headed over to one of this year’s tour locations near Mt. Hope, Ohio. [Read more...]

Walnut Creek Vintage Fair

Vintage-Fair-Walnut-Creek-OhioJudging by the number of people that showed up, the first annual Walnut Creek Vintage Fair was a big success. On Saturday morning, Wanda and I arrived at the Vintage Fair at about 9am and there were already lots of people on hand. Galen Swartzentruber, the manager of Walnut Creek Furniture, told me there were plenty of folks there when the fair opened at 7am. He said there were about 15 different vendors present to display there wares. Lots of people came to hunt for unique treasures. There were old doors and windows, crafts, old tables and chairs, other wooden items, decorative items, and a whole lot more. In addition to old, one of a kind vintage products, I saw that Walnut Creek Furniture had a pretty good sale going on some new furniture pieces. [Read more...]

Horse Progress Days – Mt. Hope Ohio

Horse-Progress-Days-Mt.-Hope-OhioThe annual Horse Progress Days event was held in Mt. Hope, Ohio today. This is quite an event with thousands of people from all over the U.S. and even foreign countries in attendance. I got there this morning around 11am and the place was already jam packed with people. The weather was mid-70′s with low humidity, couldn’t have been any better. This was my first time at this show and I must say it is very impressive; especially the innovative farming equipment that they are designing and building today. It’s come a long way since my grandpa did farming, even if they’re still using horses. [Read more...]

The Amish Know How to “GET ‘ER DONE”

Amish-crew-working-on-new-houseLast Monday, during a thunderstorm, an Amish home north of Mt. Hope, Ohio was struck by lightning. Today I took these pics of the new home that is going up in its place. I spoke briefly with a neighbor and one of the children that lived in the home. During the storm, when the lightning struck, there was only one person in the home, a twenty something old son. The parents were away on a trip to Pennsylvania when it happened. The young Amish man, noticing fire in the downstairs of the home, crawled out a window in the pouring rain, onto a porch roof, and started yelling for help. Folks in the adjacent house heard him and promptly brought a ladder to rescue him. [Read more...]

Down Home Gospel Sing – Doughty Valley

Down-Home-Gospel-Sing-Doughty-Valley-Charm-OhioOn Saturday night I headed down to Troyer’s, located in a beautiful setting at the Doughty Valley Creek, to the 19th annual “Down Home Gospel Sing”. It’s the first time I’ve been there and it proved to be a very popular event in Ohio’s Amish Country. Troyer’s Hollow is aptly name because it really is a hollow. The only entrance into the hollow by vehicles is down a long, steep, and winding road with a dense growth of trees on either side. Way down in there’s this beautiful open area with the Doughty Creek running along the south side of the hollow. [Read more...]

Dinner in an Amish Home with All Things Amish

Dinner-in-an-Amish-HomeLast night was our 2nd annual All Things Amish Reunion. The Facebook group ‘All Things Amish’ was co-founded by Sherri Genung and Dianna Reidenbach Bupp several years ago. Attendees were from Kentucky, Florida, Boston, and of course, Ohio. We arrived at the home of an Amish family, Jonas and Betty Yoder, near Charm, Ohio at about 5:30. Lavonne Debois, owner of Amish Heartland Tours, started us off with a quick tour of the beautiful countryside down around Becks Mills, Ohio. [Read more...]