Downtown Sugarcreek, Ohio is now the home of the world’s largest cuckoo clock. Although I have heard there is another larger cuckoo clock somewhere in Europe, the cuckoo clock now sitting in downtown Sugarcreek is definitely BIG, standing over 23 feet high! It was originally built in the early 70’s by Swiss cheesemakers, Hans and Alice Grossniklaus, and housed at their Swiss style restaurant called Alpine Alpa near Winesburg, Ohio. Although the clock is currently not in working order, it is being refurbished and will “run like new” when it is fixed. The clock went up for sale in 2009 and was purchased by Mark Coblentz, of Walnut Creek Foods, who then donated it to the town most fitting to be the home of the clock, Sugarcreek, Ohio known as “The Little Switzerland of Ohio”. Pictured here discussing the clock’s construction on Broadway Street are Sugarcreek businessmen, Dave Beachy of Beachy’s Country Chalet restaurant and Freeman Mullet of The Gospel Shop.